Do I Need An Online Ordering System for My Restaurant?

Do I Need An Online Ordering System for My Restaurant?

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Let’s face it – running a restaurant is a pretty tough business to be in! And if there is only one cost effective thing you could do to increase your revenue and profitability, it would be adding an online ordering platform to your restaurant’s dine-in or phone based takeout ordering system!

According to a recently published report on big data by the National Restaurant Association:

“The web and mobile ordering platform at Five Guys has resulted in a 25 percent higher average order size than phone orders.”

You can not only expect to increase the average ticket size but can also increase the number of takeout orders, by offering an easy to use ordering platform either linked to your website or an App based.

In addition, an online ordering platform can help cut-down on the time your staff spends on explaining the menu items or pricing info, spice level and a myriad of other details to your customers.

On average if you were receiving 10 takeout orders every evening, you should expect to see 1-hour of productivity gain. Not that it will cut down your payroll substantially, but that 1-hour can be spent by your staff in attending to the dine-in guest and improving their customer experience and making them feel special and welcome! If they are being well taken care of, and having a good time, they may decide to order that dessert they are on the fence about.

If you serve ethnic food, it is more than likely that your phone-order guests will not pronounce the items they wish to order perfectly. And this miscommunication could lead to your staff taking the incorrect order, which could be a not so happy surprise in the bag for your customers.

Then the question is which online ordering platform to choose from. There is a long list of options to choose from, some from well-known brands such as UberEats and Yelp and other independent Online Ordering Platforms such as EatStax.

Do consider if the platform offers online order only or delivery option as well, and if the fees charged by the program are reasonable or if they want an arm-and-a-leg in return to allow you to use their platform? Flat monthly fee based program, such as EatStax and others are a good option if you expect volume to grow. If you do not expect a lot of Online Orders, it may be OK to signup with a percentage fee based program. The percent commission most programs charge ranges from 12% for each order to 33% of the order value (yes, that is right, they want a third of your ticket and then some!).

Whichever program you choose, but do have an online ordering option, it will definitely enhance your revenue (and hopefully the bottom-line as well!).

-EatStax Team

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